Students group - 50 persons

1.250,00 lei

Peles Castle
(optional tour I)

Validity: 30 days since the ticket has been purchased.

Last admission at 15:30

Access to the museum is based on supporting documents (student card).


Built between 1873-1914, Peles Castle was the summer residence of the first Royal Family of Romania, Carol I and Elizabeth. The castle has 160 rooms and is representative of historic architecture.
This ticket gives access to the ground floor and first floor of Peles Castle.
The ground floor includes the representation spaces, the armory rooms, the Cabinet of King Charles I.
The first floor includes the apartments of the Royal Family and its distinguished guests.

Valoare bilet: 50 x 25 lei = 1250 lei (include 59,52 lei TVA)

Ultima intrare pentru tur opțional 1 se face la ora 15:30.

Useful information

Accesul fizic în muzeu se face în baza documentelor justificative (carnet de student), care vor fi prezentate la intrare, împreună cu biletul online.

The online ticket does not give the holder priority in entering the museum. There are no hourly reservations for visiting the museum. Entry is on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of the ticket purchase method (ticket office/online).

Visitors are asked to adhere to the visiting schedule displayed on the official website

No guided tours are organized; visits are individual, based on written or audio explanations, which can be found in each of the exhibition spaces.

The Peles National Museum does not manage parking for visitors.